Online Jobs for Students

Online Jobs for Students

There are a number of online jobs that students can take from home and college. These part time jobs will not make you rich but will help to make a few bucks extra each month. In this post we will discuss a few jobs that can be done by students.

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New Survey Opportunity for Indians:

  • Valued Opinions India: Join Valued Opinions India survey panel and get paid for your opinions. It is free to join. It is a double opt in survey panel so you need to confirm your email id.
  • Online Writing Jobs: Students can take online writing jobs and get paid to write articles. There are several websites that provide online writing opportunities. You can check for oDesk, RentaCoder etc. to find article writing vacancies.
  • Online Tutoring Jobs: Students can also do the online tutoring jobs. There are few websites that provide tutoring jobs. We will share more about these later.
  • Make Money Blogging: This is another great way to make extra money online. You can start a free blog on Blogger/WordPress and write about things you know. Once your blog is 6 months old you can apply for Google adsense to monetize. You can write about how to’s, tutorials, advice, your college subjects etc.
  • Online Survey Jobs: Basically it is not an online survey jobs but there are several companies who want to listen about students opinions. There is huge market that is targeted towards students. You can join some survey panels and get paid for sharing your views and opinions about the products and services that you use. Joining market surveys is free. Click Here to Join Toluna India. You need to confirm your email id to receive surveys. So don’t forget to check confirmation email and confirm your email id.

Check again for more online jobs for students. Happy earning!

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